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Price List

Waxing & Electrolysis


Lasts approximately 3-6 weeks and results in a smooth finish and soft regrowth. Hairs must be around ¼ inch or 7mm to enable them to be removed.

Bikini Line Art

Our confident and highly experienced therapists will take the greatest care to ensure you leave with beautifully silky smooth skin. Choose between Lycon hot wax or a luxury crème strip wax. Both types of wax help to prevent hair breakages, ingrown hairs, redness and the associated painful sting, leaving your skin soft and smooth. Please be advised, for your utmost comfort, we recommend that you trim all the hair in the relevant area prior to your appointment to at least 7mm in length. Please get in touch if you have any questions about waxing or after-care.

Bikini 15 mins £20.00

A tidy up. Removal of hair from outside the pant line.

Extended 15 mins £23.00
High leg bikini wax - hair removed from pant line and inner thigh.

Brazilian 30 mins £29.00
Leaving a landing strip all the way round.

Bollywood 45 mins £34.00
Almost completely bare, a thorough wax from back to front, leaving small landing strip.

Hollywood 45 mins £40
The Full Monty. Completely bare, a thorough wax from back to front.


Permanent hair removal.


Consultation including 10 minute treatment £35.00

10 minutes £28.00

20 minutes £35.00

30 minutes £40.00

45 minutes £55.00

60 minutes £65.00

Course of 5 x 30 minute treatments £179.00
Course of 10 x 45 minute treatments £400.00
Course of 10 x 60 minute treatments £530.00


7 Lava shell2.jpg

St Tropez Spray Tan

The tan used on strictly come dancing (2012-2014)
Full Body Spray Tan £27.00

Choice of Classic Mist or Express Mist
Lasts approximately 5 days. For best results exfoliate skin before coming into the salon.
Express mist allows you to shower in one-three hours depending on the colour you would like to achieve)

St Tropez Body Bronzing

An aloe-vera lotion-based treatment designed for anyone wishing an all-over tanned appearance at any time of the year. Includes exfoliation and buffing. The tanning treatment used by celebrities. Lasts 7-10 days.
Full Body £54.50

Full Leg including feet and toes £38.00
Full Leg with Bikini including feet and toes £52.50 ©
Full Leg with Extended including feet and toes £55.00 ©
Full Leg with Brazilian including feet and toes £59.00 ©

Full Leg with Bollywood including feet and toes £65.00 ©
Full Leg with Hollywood including feet and toes £72.00 ©
Half Leg including feet and toes £29.50
Underarm £17.50
Half Arm £21.00
Full Arm including hands and fingers £30.00
Chest or back from £35.00
Lip or Chin £15.50
Lip and Chin £23.00 ©
Face Wax lip, chin, sides of face and neck £27.00

Waxing & electrolysis

Manicure & Pedicure

2 Manicure.jpg

Jessica GELeration

Protects the natural nail, Jessica GELeration applies like a polish and wears like a Gel. Perfect nails for 2-4 weeks with long-lasting high gloss shine. Super fast drying time, and no smudging with a non-chip finish.


GELeration Manicure 60 mins £40.00

A relaxing manicure designed to treat every nail type and improve the overall condition of your hands and nails. Includes hand massage. For every problem, there’s a solution.

GELeration Pedicure 60 mins £49.00

Refresh, restore and revive tired feet. Nails and cuticles are manicured and hard skin is removed. Feet are exfoliated and massaged. Includes polish.

GELeration Manicure and Pedicure  2 hours £84.00 ©
GELeration file and polish fingers  30 mins £35.50
GELeration file and polish toes  30 mins £35.50
GELeration file and polish fingers and toes  60 mins £65.00 

Soak-off Gel removal treatment  30 mins £25
Add on treatments (to any of the above)
French Polish, glitter or nail art 15 mins £5
Gel removal prior to new application 15 mins £5

Hand & Foot Treatments

Experience Jessica Nail Care; the world’s No.1 natural nail care system. “The best manicure I’ve ever had” GMTV News London

Jessica Manicure £39.00

Jessica Deluxe Manicure £48.00
The skin on your hands is exfoliated, a hand restructuring mask is applied and hands are placed in hot mittens. Pure Pampering. Includes polish.

Jessica Pedicure £47.00
Refresh, restore and revive tired feet with a relaxing foot bath.
Wear open-toe shoes!

Jessica Deluxe Pedicure £56.00
This pedicure includes a herbal mask followed by a fabulous refreshing lotion which is applied and feet are massaged.

File and Polish for fingers or toes £29.00

Nail Extensions

Natural Looking Nail Extensions £47.00
Don’t let your hands let you down.
Infills £29


Builder in a Bottle is a remarkable nail technique designed to enhance nail strength and gradually extend length with regular infills every 2-3 weeks. This method involves applying builder gel over the natural nail, making it perfect for creating strong and flexible overlays. For added durability, followed by GELeration colour applied over the builder gel, offering a longer-lasting solution.

Build File and Polish £45

Manicure & Pedicure

De-stress pamper £60

De-stress and indulge yourself with this top to toe pamper. Relax and refresh with a full pedicure including soothing foot and leg massage. Followed by a relaxing scalp massage, which includes back neck and shoulder massage using pressure points to relieve your worries and stresses. 

Beauty & Wedding Packages

PureBeauty Packages

Pregnant and Radiant 2 hours £110.00
Our pregnancy treat starts with a foot scrub and feet being soaked in a spa. Then toenails are pedicured and a relaxing foot and leg massage is followed by your nails being painted. Float away as we begin your facial then your hands are massaged and your finger nails filed and painted. You’ll leave feeling and looking radiant.

Pure Relaxing Package 2 hours £110.00     
Hot lava shell sensation with warm heated shells. Continuously relax. Starting with the back, and back of legs, then front of legs, arms, shoulders and finishing on the face. Includes a relaxing and anti-aging eye treatment and pressure point massage of scalp and face.

Please also see our Signature Treatments.

Look out for combination packages marked with a ©

Wedding Packages

Wedding Package 3 hours £89      
Whether you are part of the bridal party or a guest, pamper yourself. You deserve to be polished and pampered. Look great after we look after you. Enjoy our deluxe spa manicure, deluxe spa pedicure (gel or polish) and a 40 minute custom facial.

Pure Indulgence Package 2 hours 30 mins £95    
Start with full body massage to relax mind, body and soul. We follow this with our facial sensation. The face is cleansed and exfoliated, a warm compress applied and pressure points activated. Enjoy our anti-aging face neck and shoulder massage, then our relaxing scalp massage. A unique eye treatment and mask soothe irritation, reduce dark shadows and smooth fine lines as the eyes are refreshed.

4 Massage.jpg

Make-up, Facials & Eye Treatments


We specialise in bridal make-up. Known as The Skin Care Make-up, the Jane Iredale line is so safe and beneficial to use that it is recommended by dermatologists. It combines the most up-to-date colours with skin-care benefits that conventional make-ups can only envy. The staying power of the minerals is so great that they rarely need a touch-up during the day. And because these silky-feeling powders are water resistant, they won’t crease or smear.

Bridal make-up and trial £120.00
To ensure your make-up is perfect for the big day.

Make-up at your venue - minimum of 3 from £185.00*
* within 10 miles of salon.
50% deposit required on booking.

Balance paid 7 days before wedding day.

Make-up Lesson 60 mins £59.00
Practical guidance on shade selection and make-up application.

Learn the tricks of the trade!

NEW - Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion

Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion Mini Facial 40 mins £55.00
Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion Deluxe Facial 60 mins £69.00

Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion instantly improves the texture of the skin and works on removing fine lines and wrinkles, clearing blocked pores, acne scarring, refining sun-damaged, ageing skin and as a beauty flash treatment for dull, tired-looking complexions.

Course of 6 Mini Facials (40 mins) for £345.00

Course of 10 Deluxe Facials (60 mins) for £600


Your skincare journey

A package of three facials, over three months, using Crystal Clear clinically-proven skincare products - £129 

Start your journey with a Radiance Bright Facial 

This brightening facial is designed for skin that needs a refresh to bring out its natural glow. The active ingredients help to reduce pigmentation to even out skin tone and look rejuvenated. 40 min

Continue your journey with a Microdermabrasion Facial
Instantly improves the texture of the skin and works on removing fine lines and wrinkles, clearing blocked pores, acne scarring, refining sun-damaged, ageing skin and as a beauty flash treatment for dull, tired-looking complexions. 1 hour

Finish your journey with an SOS Age Defying Facial

This facial will not only treat your face but will awaken your senses, a prescription facial which we tailor to suit your skins needs. 1 hour


Pure Beauty offers some of the best facials in the area to suit your specific skin type and regenerate your complexion. Our skin care system is individual and varied to suit your specific skin type using all natural ingredients. Our facials are uniquely tailored to your skin care needs.

De-stress Express 30 mins £39.00
This is the perfect facial treatment for anyone experiencing dry skin, loss of elasticity, dullness and/or hormonal breakouts. 
This treatment starts with a cleanse of your skin and exfoliation removed with warm mitts, followed by mask therapy to promote your skin radiance. Choice a hand or scalp massage completes the treatment adding to your feeling of well-being.

Pure Beauty Wellness Facial 1 hour £49.00
Reveal a brighter, lighter and healthier complexion, and leave 
feeling energised and uplifted. This treatment provides mask therapy and an exfoliation which are combined to promote skin radiance. A soothing massage to the face, neck and shoulders will leave you feeling calmed and relaxed. The treatment incorporates the application of a warm compress to the face, soaked with an essential oil chosen to suit your skin concerns. Choice a hand or scalp massage completes the treatment adding to your feeling of wellbeing.

Steam Facial 45 mins £42.00
Try our new steam facial to help boost skin, moisturise, heal, ease congestion, and loosen blackheads and whiteheads. Deep cleansing facial to heal the skin and open pores. Suitable when needing extractions.

Deluxe Facial  1 hour 30 mins £69.00

Begins with a relaxing back massage and exfoliation. Your face and neck are cleansed, exfoliated and treated with a hot compress. 
This is followed by an anti-ageing face, neck and shoulder massage. An algae mask is applied with concentrated ampoules to suit your skin type. During the mask the hands and arms are exfoliated and a vitamin moisturiser massaged into the skin. This facial also includes an eye treatment; a unique massage and eye mask to soothe irritation, reduce dark shadows and smooth fine lines as the eyes are refreshed. The result is ultimate luxury that will leave you deeply relaxed; skin is left clean, smooth and radiant.


Brows and Lashes

Enhance your eyes and show off their natural beauty.


Eyebrow Shaping - Wax or tweeze £16.50

Eyelash Tinting £16.50
No need for mascara. Lasts up to six weeks.

Eyebrow Tinting £16.50

Combination of three treatments £42.00 ©

Eyelash perm or lift plus tint £44.00 ©
Opens the eyes with curl or lift making them appear larger. Lasts up to 9 weeks. (Perming and tinting require a patch test at least 24 hours before for all new clients)

Eyelash Extensions 1 hour 15 mins £55.00
Lasts up to eight weeks.

Eyelash Extensions top-up £35.00

6 Massage2.jpg

Russian Lashes £60.00

Weekend Eyelashes £27.00
Lasts up to five days.

Make-up, Facials & Eye Treatments
Brows & Lashes

Massage & Body Treatments

Signature Treatments

Stress Buster 1 hour £65.00
Beat the stress of daily life with this thirty minute aromatherapy or deep tissue massage, which is followed by a tailor made express facial. Our facial includes a scalp massage using specialised techniques with carefully applied pressure. Let your worries melt away as we relieve you of stresses and strains with this luxurious tension buster.

Face and Body Sensation 90 mins £79.00
Our wonderful hot lava shells are used to relax your back, neck, shoulders and the back of your legs. This is followed by a relaxing facial, which includes a face neck and shoulder massage using pressure points to relieve your worries and stresses. The treatment is finished with a pressure point scalp massage.

Mind, Body and Soul 75 mins £69.00

De-stress, indulge and un-wind. To soothe your senses and calm your soul we start with an Indian head massage followed by a relaxing back massage. We then administer a relaxing, refreshing eye treatment and continue the massage using the pressure points of the face, neck and shoulder.

Ultimate Body Massage 2 hours £90.00
A gorgeous treatment to revive and renew. This two hour treatment starts with a foot scrub and continues with customised massage using specialised techniques and carefully applied pressure to soothe your senses and calm your soul. An eye treatment with mask and massage will relax and boost drainage around the eye, improving dark circles and lines. The treatment is completed using pressure points and scalp massage around the head and face. Ultimate me time!

1 Lava shell massage.jpg

Lava Shell Massage

Lava Shells are a revolutionary massage treatment, using the world’s first self-heating massage tool. The smooth shells are expertly glided over the body with varying pressures, techniques and precision by the therapist tailored to meet your particular needs. Hydrating oils are used during the treatment to moisturise the skin as the warming shells help revitalise body and mind.

Relieve the deepest aches and pains, stress and tension with this revolutionary and unique full face and body massage which uses the natural benefits of heated Tiger Clam Shells from the Tropics.

Hot Lava Shell Relaxing Massage 1 hour £75.00
An indulgent and truly pampering relaxation full body treatment using the natural benefits of heated Tiger Clam Shells to transport you to the warm beaches of the Tropics.

Hot Lava Shell Back Treatment 30 mins £55.00
An intensive back, neck and shoulder treatment. This deep tissue massage uses heated lava shells to achieve a firm, deep pressure and treat deep-rooted muscle problems. The radiating heat from the shells releases tension and leaves you feeling instantly
stress-free and rejuvenated.

Body Treatments


Exotic scrub and massage 1 hour £69.00
This luxurious full body treatment will leave the skin feeling smooth and hydrated, and you feeling fresh and energised. A pomegranate and Vitamin E scrub is applied to the whole body and removed with a warm towel. The full body is then massaged with invigorating pink grapefruit and shea butter massage sorbet.

Reduce the appearance of cellulite 1 hour £59.00
Course of 4 £199.00
To effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite the whole body is dry brushed to stimulate circulation then our G5 machine is used on the problem area. A unique firming gel with caffeine, white grape and wild geranium is applied over area of cellulite. This treatment will firm, brighten and smooth the skin, and the benefits are then sealed in with mulberry and mallow soufflé.



Feeling tense? Our highly-skilled therapists will make sure you are treated to the massage you need. Designed to improve circulation and alleviate stress, muscle tension and strain. Helps to soothe away the worries of modern life, promoting a sense of mental and physical well-being.

Full Body Massage 1 hour £60.00

Back, neck, shoulders and arms massage 30 mins £36.00

Ultimate Body Massage 2 hours £90.00
Full body massage, eye treatment, scalp massage and foot exfoliation. This is the ultimate in relaxation; a must for all!

Indian Head Massage 30 mins £36.00
Relieves headaches and neck strain. Stimulates hair regrowt


4 Massage.jpg

Reflexology 1 hour £45.00

Course of 4 £165.00
Reflexology is a theory and therapy that uses the feet as a map, or mirror, of the whole body. By manipulating, and applying pressure 
to certain parts of the feet, the whole body can be ‘re-tuned’ and brought back into balance. Begins with a foot scrub, and finishes with a relaxing foot and leg massage.


Benefits of Reflexology

  • 75% of diseases are estimated to be stress related and Reflexology relieves stress and tension with a deeply relaxing effect;

  • Reflexology improves blood circulation, increasing then the efficiency of all organs and cells;

  • As approximately 7000 nerves are stimulated by reflexology massage, it helps to release trapped nervous energy and improves neural efficiency

  • It improves waste removal and elimination of deposited toxins;

  • It activates the body's self healing.

Massage & Body Treatments

Male Grooming

Manicure  £28.00
Designed to treat every nail  type and improve the overall condition of your hands and nails. Includes clean and file, nail buff and hand massage.


Pedicure  £33.50

Refresh, restore and revive tired feet. Nails and cuticles are manicured and hard skin is removed. Feet are exfoliated and massaged.


RVB Purifying Facial 45 mins  £49.00
Deep cleansing facial to eliminate skin impurities and re-oxygenate tissue for a clearer, more luminous complexion.

RVB Anti-aging Facial 45 mins  £49.00
Moisturising and regenerative facial treatment to prevent and reduce the appearance of facial ageing and promote a more youthful complexion.

Male waxing
Chest  £31
Full back and shoulders  £31
Underarm  £14.50
Eyebrows  £12

Male Grooming

Gift Cards

An ideal gift for someone special. Gift Cards are available online or from our reception.

Special Offers

10% discount for senior citizens and students from Tuesday to Friday.* Students please bring your matriculation card.
*These offers are not valid with any other offers, and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.

Treat card

Pure Beauty’s very own treat card allows you to collect points for every treatment which can be spent on treatments. Pick up your treat card from reception.

Treatments for Teens

Some of our treatments are suitable for teenagers. Please ask our therapists for more information. Parental permission is required for under 16’s.

Cancellation Notice

Please give at least 24 hours notice if you wish to change or cancel an appointment. A cancellation fee of £15 will be charged for missed appointments and late cancellations. Courses are non-refundable. 


Card Payments

We can accept card payments from Visa and Mastercard.


All courses are non-refundable.

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