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Waxing & Tanning


Lasts approximately 3-6 weeks and results in a smooth finish and soft regrowth. Hairs must be around ¼ inch or 7mm to enable them to be removed.
Full Leg includes feet and toes £33.50
Full Leg with Bikini includes feet and toes £39.50 ©
Full Leg with Extended includes feet and toes £44.50 ©
Full Leg with Brazilian includes feet and toes £49.50 ©

Full Leg with Bollywood includes feet and toes £54.50 ©
Full Leg with Hollywood includes feet and toes £57.50 ©
Half Leg includes feet and toes £25.50
Underarm £13.50
Half Arm £17.50
Full Arm includes hands and fingers £27.50
Chest or  back from £30.00
Lip or Chin £11.50
Lip and Chin £17.50 ©
Face Wax lip, chin, sides of face and neck £19.50

Bikini Line Art

Our confident and highly experienced therapists will take the greatest care to ensure you leave with beautifully silky smooth skin. Choose between Lycon hot wax or a luxury crème strip wax. Both types of wax help to prevent hair breakages, ingrown hairs, redness and the associated painful sting, leaving your skin soft and smooth. Please be advised, for your utmost comfort, we recommend that you trim all the hair in the relevant area prior to your appointment to at least 7mm in length. Please get in touch if you have any questions about waxing or after-care.

Bikini 15 mins £14.50
A tidy up. Removal of hair from outside the pant line.

Extended 15 mins £17.50
High leg bikini wax - hair removed from pant line and inner thigh.

Brazilian 30 mins £25.50
Leaving a landing strip all the way round.

Bollywood 45 mins £29.50
Almost completely bare, a thorough wax from back to front, leaving small landing strip.

Hollywood 45 mins £36.50
The Full Monty. Completely bare, a thorough wax from back to front.


Permanent hair removal. Come in for a free consultation.

15 minutes £20.50
Course of 10 x 15 minute treatments £179.00

30 minutes £30.50
Course of 10 x 30 minutes treatments £249.00

45 minutes £35.50
Course of 10 x 45 minute treatments £299.00

1 hour £45.50

Course of 10 x 1 hour treatments £385.00

7 Lava shell2.jpg

St Tropez Spray Tan

The tan used on strictly come dancing (2012-2014)
Full Body Spray Tan £24.00

Choice of Classic Mist, Dark Mist or Express Mist
Lasts approximately 5 days. For best results exfoliate skin before coming into the salon.
Express mist allows you to shower in one-three hours depending on the colour you would like to achieve)

St Tropez Body Bronzing

An aloe-vera lotion-based treatment designed for anyone wishing an all-over tanned appearance at any time of the year. Includes exfoliation and buffing. The tanning treatment used by celebrities. Lasts 7-10 days.
Full Body £45.00

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